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Prakash Menon in not just your everyday management consultant. His core competence lies in his ability to help businesses add significant dollars to the bottom line, generate meaningful and measurable growth and develop a sustainable competitive edge through his expert, highly individualized solutions.

He is able to uncap your organization’s true potential and open up scenarios that were previously unimaginable. Starting from your pain points all the way up to grooming future leaders, Prakash Menon can steer you through the waters of uncertainty and or start you on on a new journey altogether by assisting you in implementing you organizational goals.

Broad Areas of Expertise

1. Retail Transformation
2. Learning and Development
3. Business Transformation & Organization Design
4. Leadership Development
5. Strategy Development & Planning
6. Change Management
7. Business Process Re-engineering

Whether it is business transformation, process re-engineering of learning interventions, Prakash takes a highly customized approach that will culturally enhance your organization whilst exceeding industry benchmarks.

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What Others Are Saying

“ Prakash 'PK' is an extraordinary individual. He is someone who will fast become one of your trusted advisors should you meet with him. No doubt his professional career qualifies him as one of the leading authorities on Retail Supply Chains. I encourage people to explore his work on DRIVE. His story DRIVEN – from Mumbai to Myers is a ripping read and chock full of amazing insights on what it takes to succeed in life and business. I highly recommend PK to anyone wanting to get ahead in life. ”
{tag_title} Matt Church
Founder, Thought Leaders